So Low, Solo

by The View From Up Here

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released April 22, 2016

Writing/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Cunningham
Drums: Elliot Fischer Leach
Electric Guitar on "Glue": Jong Kim
Electric Guitar on "So Low, Solo": Gavin Stacey
Aux Percussion/Cajon: Dom Gubernat
Bass: Mike Voyce

Mixed by: Josh Welshman at Flux Studios NYC
Tracked by: Andrew Cunningham, Gavin Stacy, Dom Gubernat, and Andrew Vanasse at UNH Studio B
Mastered by: Sam Pura at Panda Studios

Artwork by: Kerin Cunningham Illustration

It's ironic that I had so many great people help me put together an EP about being alone. I'd like to thank Gavin Stacey for co-producing the project with me and continuing to be a part of what I do musically. Wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Elliot, Jong, Mike, and Dom came in on short notice and played awesome parts. Last but not least, I'd like to thank Josh for doing an awesome job on the mixes.

With Love,



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The View From Up Here West Haven, Connecticut

Debut EP

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Track Name: Kitchen Floor
I've been dragging my feet across finish lines
And the pain gets more sharp every time
I step over my past mistakes
Soon these sprains will turn into fucking breaks

If my corner is full than why do I feel empty
Like someone came and beat out the best of me
Still I lace up and fight so they don't know
I'm on the verge of a Holden Caufield episode
I wanna run away

I wish that you could see
Everything that's going on inside of me
Without it pouring out all over the floor
Being left to get mopped up
By a sponge that just can't hold enough
Of anything, anything any more

I left it all on the kitchen floor
Track Name: Glue
Is the end really for the best
That's something I don't know
The only thing that I'm certain of is
That I've never felt like this before

I'm trying, but I can't explain this pain
And no matter how hard I try
Happiness can't be sustained

Like an hourglass as time passed
We fell to the bottom
Like all the leaves on all the trees
We died at the end of Autumn

What can you do when love can't even glue
All of the pieces together
My calluses bleed as I try to keep you in my life
But I can't hold on forever

I finally found a place
For my heart to call a home
But you just can't keep paying rent
For the fear of ending up alone

So my stay was only temporary
But I'll cherish every single moment
That you ever spent with me

There was nothing wrong, nothing wrong but time
My heart came up short in a war with my mind
There was nothing wrong, nothing wrong but time
I'll miss the days where I could call you mine
Track Name: The Strongest Man
RIP Alfonzo Vacchiano
Always in our hearts
Track Name: So Low, Solo
They say that the other side is greener
But I don't see any grass at all
All I see is rocky pavement
To scrape my knees when I fall down
After tripping over my own feet
On the sidewalk cracks
Caused by the lifting roots of the trees

I don't blame time like I used
I know things can't stay the same

But I don't feel anything
From anyone
Anymore and any time soon
I'll run anywhere
That I can get to on these fumes

But everything
And everyone
leaves me empty every time I swear
Everywhere I go I'm not satisfied

I never learned to color in-between the lines of this old book
Because my hands were way too shaky
And the medicine I took
Put me through the daily motions without realizing
That the smile on my face was merely disguising

How broken and torn I was inside
At the time I just didn't know why

I'm so low and solo