The View From Up Here

by The View From Up Here

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released February 10, 2015

Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Cunningham
Vocals/Electric Guitar/Bass: Michael Quick
Drums: Dom Gubernat

Engineered by: Gavin Stacey at University of New Haven Studio B
Mixed by: Josh Welshman at Flux Studios NYC
Mastered by: Sam Pura at Panda Studios



all rights reserved


The View From Up Here West Haven, Connecticut

Debut EP

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Track Name: The View From Up Here (Intro)
Is it my awkwardly long arms
That make it impossible
For me to hold on to anyone
That might mean something in the end
Or the fact that my heart has been trampled on
Over and over again

When you're alone in this fucking world
Not holding on to anything
Looking outside your bedroom window
The view from up here's breath taking

And I'm tired of letting go
I'm tired of letting go
I'm tired of letting go
Track Name: Williamsport
It's 3pm and 90 degrees
I'm chasing down these fly balls, chasing down these dreams
For hours a day because winning was the theme
That came with the patches on the Williamsport team

Banners hang on walls for a reason
Trophies fill my dresser from the seasons

If I could go back to my only at-bat
In the championship with bases loaded
I'd take a crack at that first pitch I had
Instead of grounding out with bases loaded

Rounding bases and headed home
That team was a family I'd always know
That through it all they'd have my back
I was benched for the coach's son
I hit singles never hit home runs
But through it all I felt apart of the run

Our season died along with childhood dreams
Innings are merely memories in which we must redeem
Sixty feet up the line is much shorter than it seems
How I miss the days of the Williamsport team
Track Name: Waiting Room
These days I find myself staring out through the blinds
At the trees to kill time
In this waiting room chair, thinking will I pass like autumn leaves
And fall at my peak

Even if they're all out on tree limbs
What's the difference
Even if they're all out on tree limbs
We all fall

I spend too much time watching headlights pass over my dashboard
Instead of all the miles in my mirror along the way
Racing through these toll booths and it's keeping me
From enjoying the views

The ride home somehow always feels shorter
Because you know where to turn
The ride home somehow always feels shorter
But it's all about the drive out

I'm Wasting myself
Waiting to see
What's beyond the horizon
Just too far out of reach
I need to start appreciating
The present and stop waiting for the end
Before it swallows me whole

Old habits die hard with no black veils or funerals
I need to stop putting X's through dates
And plotting points on lines leading out of state
They're leaving me with no waiting room left
Track Name: Beaten & Bruised
These sleepless nights are taking a toll on me
Counting sheep doesn’t work anymore anymore
I’m sure the sunrise is nice when not involuntary

But right now it’s only a reminder that I can’t dream

I’m conflicted and confused
beaten and bruised
on the inside
The past has built my
Outer walls so strong
But with the framework all wrong
I can’t hide
That I’m starting to crumble

From the outside looking in I’m sure it looks like the lights are on
But the bulbs
They’re fucking shattered
I resort to the matches found in the top drawer
Hoping that that I strike a flame
So all you see is the glow of candles in the window frames

But candles start fires when lit too long

Just Once I'd like to say (I'm tired)
To my friends and family, that I'm okay (Of lying)
Without lying through my teeth (To Everyone)
I haven't told the truth
In weeks and weeks
Track Name: A Quarter Tank and No Traffic
Do you hear the sounds of crashing waves coming through your speakers
Real hearts being pulled away in the tides
We're diving into shallow waters breaking our necks
To find meaning in something that is meaningless

And I tell myself that it's all alright and sing along to the songs that don't mean anything to me

I'm always in a rush but I don't know what the rush is
I'm looking for the answers not asking any questions
What in the world am I supposed to be looking for
I'm always in a rush but I don't know what the rush is
If only life came with some directions
It'd sure as hell be easier than this

We've reached a point in our lives where sleeping until two is normal
And our days don't start until after dark that's where we really come alive
Redundancy is sinking in the paths we follow are getting thin
When you're stuck in a rut the only thing left to do is dig yourself out
Now our voices matter, our opinions should be heard
But honestly, I'm not sure where I stand
Our generation is growing up out of adolescence
But responsibility was never really our thing

And I tell myself that it's all alright that time goes on and getting older is only just a phase

It's only life
That makes us this way
It's only life
That makes us fear each passing
Day a little more
As time goes on
But thank God
I can only get so old
Track Name: It's Okay Rose, Jack Was Getting Heavy
The last house on the left feels just like home
But I'm not in the meadow, I'm all on my own
The windows aren't level but most times I don't even care
Questions are formed, passing over the bridge
Like, 'why am I breathing If home is where the heart is?'
I don't get why I'm so content looking across the sound

Letting go is part of getting older
And sometimes the ropes cut themselves
The braids will tear and fray
All the grip will slip away
But I'm still holding on
To myself

Only phone calls and pictures prevent disconnection
From those who I still feel some affection for
There's not many but who's to blame
Despite fictionality it hurts more to see
Characters we grew up disappear from TV
Unlike those in my life what they stood for was real
Unlike those in my life they gave me something to feel